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Chateau 4ft6 Double 7 Zone Luxury Mattress

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The Chateau 7 Zone Luxury Mattress is a true game-changer in the world of hybrid bedding.

With its advanced zoned mattress technology and premium materials, it's designed to provide the ultimate support to different area of your body.

You'll feel the a great spine comfort from the moment you lay down, with its multiple firmness levels built into it and highly breathable fabric.

And the best part? The foam will have varying levels of firmness througout different regions of the mattress to ensure good sleep posture. This innovative multiple firmness keeps your body relaxed all night long, ensuring you wake up feeling refreshed and revitalized. The 7 Zone Chateau Mattress provides Segmented Support for a more Luxurious Sleep.

Say goodbye to restless nights and hello to the Wonderful Nights Sleep with Chateau 5 Zoned Luxury Mattress.

Available in Variety of Sizes Orthopedeic and Luxury Version to suit your body.

Sizes: 4ft6, 5ft and 6ft